Butterfly Giants

Butterfly Giants Dress Pillow Project

Includes 24 design files

  • This collection consists of 4 butterflies each one digitized into two sections.
  1. Each completed butterfly is in three sizes, for the 4×4, 5×7 & 6×10 hoops
  2. The 4×5 inch butterflies are sewn with the 4×4 inch hoop.
  3. The 8×7 and 9×7 inch butterflies are sewn with the 5×7 hoop.
  4. The 10×9 and 11×9 butterflies are sewn with the 6×10 hoop.
  • All Designs in All Sizes
  • Comprehensive, illustrated directions

Butterflies & Dragonflies

Butterflies Applique

Who can resist butterflies and dragonflies. Add them to any floral designs for that special touch.

Although usually seen in combination with floral designs, used alone they are the perfect addition to most any project. Butterfly giants are perfect for larger projects when you want just one great big one for a pillow or quilt square or jacket back. They’ve got your back and without a lot of heavy stitching. Use variegated threads or even better heavier thread for a stand out design

Butterfly Giants

For the rarely seen Hardanger embroidery try my Hardanger Rainbows butterfly. I couldn’t sew it enough on this pantsuit! Smiles!


Butterflies Applique

Butterfly Giants

Fancy Fill Butterflies

Hardanger Rainbows


Neon Dragonflies