Double Wedding Ring Applique Quilt

Double Wedding Ring Applique Layout #1
  • Includes three (3) different size designs, for 4×4 5×5 and 6×6 inch hoops
  • Instructions for stitching the designs and assembling them into larger projects.

Double Wedding Ring Outdoor Quilts

Double Wedding Ring ODQ

What’s Included

  • The collection consist of three different size designs for the 4×4, 5×7 and 6×10 hoops, along with detailed, illustrated instructions (PDF) for sewing, cutting and assembling your double wedding ring outdoor quilt project.

Applique Collections

Applique is a novel concept that has been sewn in machine embroidery for a long time. I prefer it for large areas instead of flat solid fills. Plus the wide range of fabrics that can be used, esp the almost solid fabrics with their various shades and minor prints, adds a special touch to the design you can’t get with machine embroidery thread alone.

Some applique designs are quite ornate as the Applique Elegance Collection.

With some minor variations it follows something like this:
1. Sew the outline of the applique shape onto the background fabric
2. Lay the applique fabric over that area
3. Sew the tack down stitches that apply the fabric to the background fabric
4. Take the hoop off the machine – Don’t take the fabric out of the hoop
5. Trim the excess applique fabric from around the outside of the stitching
6. Return the hoop to the machine
7. Sew the details on top of the applique fabric
8. Sew the finishing stitches around the raw edges of the applique fabric – usually satin stitching.

Applique is the perfect choice for towels and other fabrics with a pile (ie. velour, velveteen, corduroy). The applique fabric prevents the pile from coming up through the machine embroidery stitching and creates a flat smooth surface for the design to be sewn.

Love My Bloomers
Love My Bloomers

Some applique designs are quite elegant as the floral design in the Spring Quilt Banner.

Spring Banner Quilt Project
Spring Banner Quilt Project

If you have not sewn applique before, don’t be afraid to try it in your embroidery hoop. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.


Applique Elegance

Baby Animals Applique

Big Crazy Cats Applique


Double Wedding Ring Applique

Fantasy Applique

Love My Bloomers

Mandala Applique

Pami – Flaunt Your Sass!

Pots O' Flowers Applique

Prisms Amour Applique

Rose of Sharon Applique

Simple Flowers Applique

Spring Banner

Tulips Applique

Tulips Filigree


I’m a long time quilter (~1975) so its my natural tendency to create quilt designs. I have been able to divide some of them into categories all their own. Visit the Outdoor Quilts page to see some of these quilts. Also the Hoop N’ Quilt page for this category quilts.

I made small quilts or Quilt Banners my husband calls them, to hang on the front door instead of wreaths which are so difficult to store. More about them on the Quilt Banners page

Applique Quilts are relatively quick to make since the addition of fabric makes for less stitching to create a wow project of any type. This is a table runner I made to protect a table that gets a lot of use.

Tulips Filigree Table Runner

But there are so many that fall under simply Quilts. I wish I could add a photo of each one here but you’ll get more by clicking on one of the Other Quilt Projects.

One of the many favorites of these is the Trapunto Flowers

Laura's Sewing Studio Trapunto Flowers
Trapunto Flowers Quilt

And one of my most favorites the New York Beauty full sized with the Lone Star also full sized quilt designs

New York Beauty & Lone Star Integrated Quilt Top
New York Beauty & Lone Star Integrated Quilt Top

I hope you enjoy clicking through the various quilt collections.

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Grandmother’s Flower Garden Hoop N Quilt

Hoop N Quilt 60

Lone Star Hoop N Quilt

New York Beauty Hoop N Quilt

Quilt Banners

Fall Quilt Banner

No Drama

Our Whole Life

Spring Quilt Banner

Summer Banner Quilt


Winter Quilt Banner

Applique Quilts

Fantasy Applique

Double Wedding Ring Applique

Hawaiian Juiced

Tulips Filigree

Rose of Sharon

Outdoor Quilts

Double Wedding Ring

Outdoor Quilts

Tulips in the Window

Other Quilt Projects


Double Wedding Ring Floral Fill

Floral Fountains

Glorious Hearts

Midnight Periwinkle

New York Beauties

Pansy Wreath

Purple Feathers

Sewing In Stitches

Spring Garden

Ten-Point Star


Victoria's Quilt