Fimbria Flowers

Fimbria Flowers (The Botice)
  • Includes eleven designs
    • Five 5×7 designs
    • Six 4×4 designs, including the FIM_01 practice design
  • Illustrated instructions for stitching the designs and releasing the fringe

Machine Embroidery Fringe Without Water-Soluble Thread

What this type fringe looks like


Left to right – Fimbria Flowers, Love Is, Fimbria Flowers, Our Whole Life

How Machine Embroidery Fringe is Made

First a series of satin stitches is sewn – in circles, straight line, other shapes.

This is followed by a series of tack down stitches – tiny straight stitches that sew along one side or in the center of the satin stitches. These stitches hold the satin stitch threads intact after their bobbin thread is released.

If sewing fringe without water soluble thread, the satin stitches have to be manually released to create the fringe.  This is done by cutting the bobbin thread on the backside of the embroidery.

Helpful Tools

  • Small sharp scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Tape lint roller
  • If you need glasses to see close up, wear them

Helpful Tips

  • When sewing fringe, it is a good idea to use a different color bobbin thread from the top thread.  In this way it will be easier to see the bobbin thread on the backside.
  • Do NOT release the fringe until all of the whole embroidery design has finished sewing
  • It is easier to release fringe while the design is still in the hoop

This is what the fringe looks after it is sewn

The red satin stitches is the fringe

The green is the tack down stitches plus a stem stitch that covers them

This what the backside looks like

The red satin stitches are the fringe

The green is the tack down stitches plus a stem stitch that covers them

The tiny white line along the center of the red satin stitches is the bobbin thread.

Depending on the top tension of the machine, the bobbin stitches may be a tiny thin line like this or wider.

The white bobbin thread is a good contrast against the red thread so it is easy to see.

Use small, sharp scissors to begin cutting away the bobbin stitches. Cut the bobbin stitches a few at a time. It will look chunky if you cut too many at a time.

This is not like cutting fabric.

Try not to cut the red thread outside the bobbin stitches. It’s okay to cut the red thread between the white bobbin thread and the green tack down. But not the green tack down.

In this example the bobbin thread is such a thin line it would be too difficult to cut only them. Since it is okay to cut the red stitches between the bobbin stitches and the green tack down that is where I cut.

The green tack down stitches are going to hold that end of the satin stitches in place while the outside edge of the red stitches will be pulled to the top into fringe.

This is how it looks after cutting the bobbin stitches

Notice I also cut some of the red thread between the bobbin thread and the green tack down. But not the green tack down.

The white stabilizer underneath is now exposed.

If you look closely you can see a few of the tiny white bobbin threads still trapped in some of the red outside stitches or loops. Brush them off with your fingers and use a tape lint roller to remove the rest.

There always seems to be a few stubborn ones that require the tweezers.

On the top side use tweezers to pull up a few red threads at time.

Take your time. Be patient.

Pull them up through the fabric to the topside.

This process doesn’t take very long. Patience is worth the effort.

There always seems to be one that is difficult to get up. Usually if you check the backside you will find that it is still attached to a bobbin thread. Cut the thread and pull the red to the top.

Below you can see the red fringe stitches have all been pulled to the top


An angled view

That’s it!

Easy as “…Puddin’ Tane, ask me again and I’ll tell you the same!”


Fringe Machine Embroidery

Fringe is one of my favorite embroidery techniques. I add it to every design I think I can get by with. If you are wondering how it works visit my tutorials:

These door/wall banners I added fringe which makes the design IMO.

Our Whole Life Door/Wall Banner Projects
Our Whole Life Door/Wall Banner Projects

My favorite fringe collection is Love Is… I made a quilt out of these and it hangs in our hall way leading in/out of my studio.

Love Is... Collection
Love is… Collection

Fringe really dressed up garments and it will stand out. People look at it and ask “did you do that?”. Then they get a good look and ask “how did you do that”. Even when you explain and how easy it is to do, they still don’t get it. I laugh every time. Smiles.

Fimbria Flowers Collection
Fimbria Flowers Collection

Give fringe a try. You too will get hooked.


Fantastic Tulips

Fimbria Flowers


Fringe Puffs

Kinky Fringe


Love Is...

Love One Another


Summer Quilt Banner

Two Hearts, One Love



Floral embroidery is an ancient obsession. I think you will agree when I say that obsession still lives today.  My machine embroidery floral designs range from simple to complex, from small to extra large. There is something for everyone.

They are a mainstain among machine embroidery. Everyone loves flowers and can never get enough of them. I’m one of those people. What’s more, florals are so versatile you will find them in many categories and variations.

  • Quilt Designs – indoor and outdoor
  • Quilting Designs aka “Quiltering” designs
  • Fringe Designs
  • Cutwork Designs
  • Trapunto Designs
  • Hardanger Designs

And the list goes on…

When it comes to florals the sky’s the limit…

Simple Kaleidoscope Petals…

Large arrangements of flower favorites…

Summer's Gold Collection
Summer’s Gold Collection

Florals audacious in their details…

Fantastic Tulips Collection
Fantastic Tulips with Fringe


Applique Elegance Collection
Applique Elegance Collection

I talk about Applique, Hardanger, Fringe, Quilts, Quiltering and Cutwork designs on another page.

Take a gander and check it out!



Applique Elegance

Fantastic Tulips

Fantasy Applique

Pots O' Flowers

Prisms Amour

Simple Flowers

Tulips Applique

Fimbria Flowers

Love Is...

Love One Another

Flowers, flowers and more flowers...

...I may have gotten carried away, a bit.



Delicate Florals

Filigree Flowers

Floral Embellishments

Floral Embellishments 2

Floral Fountains

Floral Parade

Flowers A Plenty

Kaleidoscope Petals

Love My Bloomers

Monogram Potpourri 4x4

Monogram Potpourri 5x7

Monogram Potpourri 6x10

Petal Party

Pinwheel Petals

Purple Fancies

Spring Bouquet

Summer's Gold

Sunflower Harvest

But wait! There's more...

Ear Warmers

Christmas Quilt Banner

Our Whole Life Quilt Banner Series

Spring Quilt Banner

Summer Quilt Banner

Welcome Fall Quilt Banner

Grandmother's Flower Garden

Hawaiian Juiced

Pansy Wreath

Rose of Sharon

Spring Garden

Summer's Gold Quiltering

Trapunto Flowers

Almost forgot!

Births - Heralding Project

Two Hearts, One Love

Wing Needle Lily

Did I forget anything?