Molas Nouveau Collection

Molas Nouveau
  • Includes 24 designs:
    • Five Mola-inspired 5×7 designs and their reverse images (10 design files)
    • Seven Mola-inspired 4×4 designs adn their reverse images (14 design files)


Love Is… Heart Fringe

Love Is...
  • Includes six floral-fringe heart designs, in the twelve (12 design files) arrangements.
    • A set of design files for the 5×7 hoop.
    • A set of design files for the 4×4 hoop (oriented at a 45 degree angle)
  • The twelve verses from 1 Corinthians, separate from the hearts that you might use them as you see fit.
  • Instructional details for stitching the designs (PDF).

Fringe Machine Embroidery

Fringe is one of my favorite embroidery techniques. I add it to every design I think I can get by with. If you are wondering how it works visit my tutorials:

These door/wall banners I added fringe which makes the design IMO.

Our Whole Life Door/Wall Banner Projects
Our Whole Life Door/Wall Banner Projects

My favorite fringe collection is Love Is… I made a quilt out of these and it hangs in our hall way leading in/out of my studio.

Love Is... Collection
Love is… Collection

Fringe really dressed up garments and it will stand out. People look at it and ask “did you do that?”. Then they get a good look and ask “how did you do that”. Even when you explain and how easy it is to do, they still don’t get it. I laugh every time. Smiles.

Fimbria Flowers Collection
Fimbria Flowers Collection

Give fringe a try. You too will get hooked.


Fantastic Tulips

Fimbria Flowers


Fringe Puffs

Kinky Fringe


Love Is...

Love One Another


Summer Quilt Banner

Two Hearts, One Love