The Hmong people are from Southeast Asia. They hand make the most beautiful reverse applique designs. Often, they’ll sell the designs in just a square that you can put onto something else and products decorated with their artwork. At Houston International Quilt Festival every year they can be seen standing in their booth hand sewing another designs. I love looking through their ‘store’ and can never resist purchasing from them.

Hmong Collection
Hmong Collection


Hmong's The Way Collection
Hmong’s The Way Collection

I know, I know, I don’t have enough of these. Don’t worry, I have more Hmong designs in process!



Hmong's the Way



Embroidery and fabric arts in general, like other artistic expressions, often have a cultural component unique to the people and places from which they originated. Regardless of origin, I’ve been fascinated and amazed with the richly different expressions of fabric, as well as how borrow from other forms. It’s why I’ve tried my hand at translating some of these techniques.

Over the years, I’ve hobbled together a unique collection of machine embroidery that I hope pay homage to a few cultural origins of inspirations. That collection includes a rather extensive series of Hardanger Machine Embroidery – or I use to call it, Hardangish.

Hardangish Squared Table Cover

Also favorites are Hmong and Mola inspired designs

Laura's Sewing Studio Hmong

Molas Nouveau Fish & Uh-Oh
Molas Nouveau Fish & Uh-Oh

But more recently a collection of  Mehndi art transformed to thread. These are by no means the sum total of artistic creativity and I have more art forms and ideas to explore than I suspect I have time left to finish. But isn’t that a good thing.


Hardanger Machine Embroidery


Hardanger Alphabet

Hardanger Angels - Bella

Hardanger Angels - Heather

Hardanger Angels - Mary Jane

Hardanger Dimensions

Hardanger Eggs

Hardanger Floral Angels

Hardanger Floral Hearts

Hardanger On-Point

Hardanger Ornaments

Hardanger Rainbows

Hardanger Squared

Hardanger Stockings

Hardanger Wreaths



Hmong's the Way


Mehndi Body Art


Molas Nouveau

Mucho Molas Nouveau