Smocked Angels Projects

Smocked Angel (White)
  • Includes two (2) different Machine Embroidery Smocking Designs that fit the 4×4 (100x100mm) hoop
  • Printable Booklet with Illustrated Instructions and Patterns

Booklet Includes

  • 30 pages of instructions with many many photos
  • Full size patterns – Print on regular 8½ x 11 paper; Simply cut out, align, and tape together
  • Details about Fabrics, Threads, and Needles Notions Needed
  • How to cut out and use the patterns
  • How to cut out the fabrics for the angel and her wings
  • How to add lace to the edge of her skirt and wings
  • Angel Assembly -how to make her head, body, and halo
  • Optional: Adding a layer of lace to the skirt like my pink angel
  • My favorite way to gather fabric without a pleater
  • Preparing and stabilizing the gathered fabric for embroidering
  • Hooping the gathered fabric
  • Sewing the Smocking Embroidery Designs
  • Creating the wings from the smocked fabric
  • Putting it all together into an angel like mine


Hardanger Ornaments - Angel

My angels to date are Hardanger and Smocked – lacy, wing needled, floral , and other varieties.

Smocked angels have smocked wings. They are gathered then embroidered in the hoop.
Instructions include how to make the body and head with a skirt to add the smocked wings too.

Smocked Angels Collection
Smocked Angels Collection

Hardanger angels most fit into greeting cards to send to that special person.

Hardanger Ornaments Collection
Hardanger Ornaments Collection

This small Hardanger Angel fits perfectly in cards and hanging on the tree.

Hardanger Floral Angel Ornaments
Hardanger Floral Angel Ornaments

Floral angels fit into greeting cards as well.

Hardanger Angel Mary Jane
Mary Jane My Hardanger Angel

Other angels are embroidered in sections and the zigzagged together.
Take an angel home today!


Hardanger Angels - Bella

Hardanger Angels - Heather

Hardanger Angels - Mary Jane

Hardanger Floral Angels

Hardanger Ornaments

Smocked Angels


Christmas embroidery designs have always been popular. Whether making a table cover, decorating a garment, or making angels and ornaments I’ve got you covered.

My first Wing Needle collection is Christmas theme – the instructions include making the table cover with the decorative border intermixed with the designs and wave pattern in between.

Wing Needle Christmas Collection
Wing Needle Christmas Collection

Hardanger Christmas designs are especially popular. Most are free standing designs (not free standing lace) and fit into greeting cards.

Hardanger Wreath Ornaments
Hardanger Wreath Ornaments

Angels – what would Christmas be without angels.

Hardanger and Smocked Angels both available.

Bella My Hardanger Angel
Bella My Hardanger Angel
Smocked Angels Project
Smocked Angels Project

And many others to choose from –

Christmas Themed Outdoor Quilts
Christmas Themed Outdoor Quilts

Door/wall Banners

Poinsettias and Pomegranates  Door/Wall Banner Project
Poinsettias and Pomegranates Door/Wall Banner Project

3 Dimensional Poinsettia

Mandala – Free-Standing Applique Project
Mandala – Free-Standing Applique Project

And more. . .