Wing Needle Christmas

Instructions include how to make the tablecloth shown here including its wavy border

Wingneedle Christmas is a collection of machine embroidery designs, based upon an elegantly simple technique.  With the use of a wing needle, rudimentary fill stitches and stitch patterns are transformed within the embroidery hoop into timelessly classic pulled thread needlework.

When I look upon this collection, I see more than a rendition of old world Christmas motifs.  Rather, I see a heartfelt recreation of hand-embroidery pulled thread stitching.

The collection consists of 18 Christmas motif designs.  Some designs demonstrate the use of the wing needle in creating eyelet fill patterns, while others show how the wing needle can embellish simple line illustration designs and text.  Of course, if a wing needle can’t be found, try a large gauge jeans needle to create a similar effect.


Wingneedles add a wonderful texture to fabric.

As it penetrates the fabric, it parts the weave creating the appearance of holes.

The thread holds the ‘holes’ open permanently.

The dark dots you see in these photos are the ‘holes’ in the fabric created by the wingneedle.

Christmas Cats Lace Ornaments

Christmas Cats Lace Ornaments

These designs are versatile in that they can be used 4 different ways:
1. They can be sewn on fabric sewing just the cat
2. They can be sewn on fabric sewing just the cat and the frame with the lace background
3. They can be sewn on towels or other similar fabrics using the lace fill for the embossing
before the rest of the design sews.
4. They are FSL – Sew the whole design onto Vilene for FSL

Notions I Used

  • Vilene water soluble stabilizer for the lace – just one layer is needed
  • Madeira Polyneon #40 embroidery threads in the top for all projects
  • Wonderfil #80 prewound bobbin for all the projects *
  • Size12 topstitch needle for all projects
  • Medium weight soft tear away stabilizer 2 layers for projects sewn on fabric
  • Medium weight soft tear away stabilizer 1 layer for projects on towels

* ​ Wonderfil bobbin threads are fine weight.. For this reason using them makes designs
much less dense. With a lower top tension it nearly disappears on the backside. I love
this feature because it ​ makes the lace reversible without having to switch out the
bobbin color to match what is sewing on the top.

Wing Needle

The Belle of New York - Wing Needle New York Beauty

If you’ve been following me very long you know I love wing needle designs. A wing needle gives a design a feature that cannot be created any other way. Although still very pretty, using a large jeans needle is a close second.

If you’re embroidery machine can accept a wing needle, then you owe it to yourself to explore the possibilities. Wing needle machine embroidery designs open up whole new possibilities, borrowing from pulled-thread techniques that have been around since folks first learned to weave fabric. I’ve been dabbling with wing needle stitching since I purchased my Pfaff 7570 in 1997, first as central theme in and of itself, then as a means of given authenticity to my line of Hardanger Machine Embroidery designs.

Wing Needle Florals

Wing Needle Lily

Wing Needle as quilt designs? Yes~!

Wing Needle Madness

What can make a New York Beauty more beautiful than it already is? Wing Needle stitching!

Wing Needle New York Beauty

Wing Needle

Pami – Flaunt Your Sass!

Wing Needle Christmas

Wing Needle Flourish

Wing Needle Lily

Wing Needle Madness

Wing Needle New York Beauty - Belle of New York

Wing Needle Reverie

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