Wing Needle Lily

Wing Needle Lily No. 1

Includes the single Wing Needle Lily for the 6×10 hoop, as well as the decomposed/split for the 4×4 hoop (three design files) and an alternate arrangement for the 6×10 hoop.

Artwork Copyright © Laura M. Waterfield

Wing Needle

The Belle of New York - Wing Needle New York Beauty

If you’ve been following me very long you know I love wing needle designs. A wing needle gives a design a feature that cannot be created any other way. Although still very pretty, using a large jeans needle is a close second.

If you’re embroidery machine can accept a wing needle, then you owe it to yourself to explore the possibilities. Wing needle machine embroidery designs open up whole new possibilities, borrowing from pulled-thread techniques that have been around since folks first learned to weave fabric. I’ve been dabbling with wing needle stitching since I purchased my Pfaff 7570 in 1997, first as central theme in and of itself, then as a means of given authenticity to my line of Hardanger Machine Embroidery designs.

Wing Needle Florals

Wing Needle Lily

Wing Needle as quilt designs? Yes~!

Wing Needle Madness

What can make a New York Beauty more beautiful than it already is? Wing Needle stitching!

Wing Needle New York Beauty

Wing Needle

Pami – Flaunt Your Sass!

Wing Needle Christmas

Wing Needle Flourish

Wing Needle Lily

Wing Needle Madness

Wing Needle New York Beauty - Belle of New York

Wing Needle Reverie


Floral embroidery is an ancient obsession. I think you will agree when I say that obsession still lives today.  My machine embroidery floral designs range from simple to complex, from small to extra large. There is something for everyone.

They are a mainstain among machine embroidery. Everyone loves flowers and can never get enough of them. I’m one of those people. What’s more, florals are so versatile you will find them in many categories and variations.

  • Quilt Designs – indoor and outdoor
  • Quilting Designs aka “Quiltering” designs
  • Fringe Designs
  • Cutwork Designs
  • Trapunto Designs
  • Hardanger Designs

And the list goes on…

When it comes to florals the sky’s the limit…

Simple Kaleidoscope Petals…

Large arrangements of flower favorites…

Summer's Gold Collection
Summer’s Gold Collection

Florals audacious in their details…

Fantastic Tulips Collection
Fantastic Tulips with Fringe


Applique Elegance Collection
Applique Elegance Collection

I talk about Applique, Hardanger, Fringe, Quilts, Quiltering and Cutwork designs on another page.

Take a gander and check it out!



Applique Elegance

Fantastic Tulips

Fantasy Applique

Pots O' Flowers

Prisms Amour

Simple Flowers

Tulips Applique

Fimbria Flowers

Love Is...

Love One Another

Flowers, flowers and more flowers...

...I may have gotten carried away, a bit.



Delicate Florals

Filigree Flowers

Floral Embellishments

Floral Embellishments 2

Floral Fountains

Floral Parade

Flowers A Plenty

Kaleidoscope Petals

Love My Bloomers

Monogram Potpourri 4x4

Monogram Potpourri 5x7

Monogram Potpourri 6x10

Petal Party

Pinwheel Petals

Purple Fancies

Spring Bouquet

Summer's Gold

Sunflower Harvest

But wait! There's more...

Ear Warmers

Christmas Quilt Banner

Our Whole Life Quilt Banner Series

Spring Quilt Banner

Summer Quilt Banner

Welcome Fall Quilt Banner

Grandmother's Flower Garden

Hawaiian Juiced

Pansy Wreath

Rose of Sharon

Spring Garden

Summer's Gold Quiltering

Trapunto Flowers

Almost forgot!

Births - Heralding Project

Two Hearts, One Love

Wing Needle Lily

Did I forget anything?