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Angels Colors

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Some of these designs are available as singles in our $1.39 Shop.

They are also available as a collection at more than 50% discount over buying them all at $1.39 each

I couldn’t resist digitizing these colorful angels. Usually we see angels in all white and these would be beautiful all white too. But I’m such a color girl I love seeing them in colors as well, especially pastel colors.

I know some people like outlines and some don’t. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t. In this case I like the outlines. So to please everyone I left the outlines to sew last. I padded the satin stitches so they stand up off the fabric better.  For best results use very fine bobbin thread.

The picture above is the angel without outlines.

The picture at the top of the page is the angel with outlines


Another example of with and without outlines

Angels Colors With Outlines
Angels Colors Without Outlines


I use light gray thread for the outlines. The color gray blends with most colors. It’s the color I choose for sewing if I don’t have a close match to the fabric. Darker fabrics take darker gray thread while lighter fabrics take a lighter gray thread. I used light gray for the outlines in these designs. 

These designs fit the 5×7 hoop


These are the notions I used to sew the designs

  • Background fabric – I use dark blue with stars
  • Pellon ShirTailor – 1 layer 
  • Soft medium weight cut away stabilizer
  • Madeira Rayon embroidery threads – colors of choice
  • Wonderfil #80 prewound bobbins
  • Organ size 12 top stitch needle

YES! I WANT Angel Colors


Swirly Fish No. 3
Swirly Fish No. 3
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