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Boy oh, boy.




The last few days remind me of a picture I once saw of a guy trying to change the tire on his car, while his friend drove said car down the road using only the two tires on the other side. With a little luck, we got the tire changed and it’s going to stay on while we keep going down the road.

However, I think it’s taken its toll on my poor hubby. When I walk up on him I hear him mumbling things like, “The dilithium crystals are all aligned but I can’t get Scotty on subspace to check my antimatter intermix numbers. Damn you James T. Just because President Sheridan asked for assistance in the Jedi-Rangers’ assault on the new Death Star doesn’t mean you gotta run into the breach…we’re gettin’ too long in the tooth for this foolishness.”

Thankfully, the shopping cart appears to be working as it should. You can set up your account and enter your own username and password. From here on end you will be able to log in and see what you have purchased.  There should be no shipping charges added to the totals for digital goods only.

I’ll be posting new products over the next week or so as well as running sales on some select items to celebrate my new digs (shopping cart). While I’ll continue posting notices and content to the original studio site (, you’ll eventually find yourself back here to acquire the embroidery designs – both those for sale and the freebies. The shopping cart is actually on this site.

There have been a few questions pop up as a result of this new shopping cart. While I’ve answered everyone as quickly as possible, most of the questions are basically the same few things. Therefore, I’ve tried answering them as clearly as I know how on the FAQ page.

If you’re having difficulty logging into the new system or retrieving your downloads, chances are the answer is on the FAQ page. But if you still need my help, I am always happy to do so. Just contact me using the link at the bottom of this page or shoot me an email

Meanwhile, I’ll be posting new content here, including my sewing, quilting, and embroidery tutorials, and links to places with creative people doing interesting things.

Poke around and enjoy your stay!


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