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Cabled Stocking


Dee’s Lavender stocking is simply stunning!

Looking at crochet and knitting patterns, I love the textures and cables that are formed by changing the direction of the stitches. The cables are formed when the stitching crosses over/under other stitches. A fairly simple technique really, but can it be recreated in machine embroidery? This is my first attempt. 

I used a stable polyester fleece for the stocking.

1 yard will make 2 stockings.

Finished stocking is about 12×15 inches

If you want to add a name to the cuff, there is plenty of space to do that.

I show you how to add fabric on the hoop without hooping the fabric

I show you how to align things perfectly

I show you how to sew it all together with no seams to hide. Once the embroidery is sewn, assembly is quick and easy.

For the 6×10 hoop

Included with this design is:

  • Comprehensive instructions with photos
  • 6×10 Cable Embroidery Design with Snowflakes around
  • 5.5 x 5.5 Stocking toe embroidery design with snowflakes
  • Full Size Stocking Pattern/Template
  • Full Size Stocking Toe Template

Find the Cabled Stocking Here

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