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Adornment Lace (FSL) Collectibles Collection A-Z

This product is A-Z in the collectible ‘Adornment’ series

For a limited time, this collection is available as a FREE GIFT WITH PURCHASE of more than $4.97 US. This includes the entire alphabet.

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Fleece Throw or Superhero Cape? You decide.

Pieced Fleece Blanket

Made this Window Pane pattern fleece throw for my great-nephew, who was already grown man at the time. He was ecstatic. Now, he and his girlfriend wrap up in it, when the weather’s cold, as is the case often where he lives, to watch TV. At least that’s the story he’s telling me.

The project had started some years earlier as an Electric Quilt virtual project that I’d created as a means to learning about the EQ software. Regretfully, it languished on my computer’s hard drive for years before I decided to share it with anyone.

When I finally got around to making it into a real project, I was surprised and please at how quickly and easily it went together. I’d embroidered a few quick-fleece throw and pillowcase projects, but I hadn’t tried my hand at piecing one until this project. Of course, I sold it as a long and arduous labor of love in which I’d invested many sleepless night and endure excruciating pain as I pricked myself repeatedly with straight pins, nearly slicing off valuable flesh – on more than one occasion – with my rotary cutters, as exhaustion overtook me. Whether it was my over-acting of the quality of the project, it was a hit.

If you have a quiet afternoon, a stash of fleece and a purpose in mind, consider trying your hand at this. While I left out the instructions on how to transform it into a proper superhero’s cape, if you’re making it for the right person, then the cape part is implied.

For those who don’t dabble in EQ, I’ve included a PDF of the instructions in the same zip file as the EQ project file. Or, you can simply read them here. Just grab the zip file, at the tutorial page. There is no fee. The pattern/instructions are FREE.

Why EQ? If you’re a visually oriented person like myself, you’ve got to be able to see it to image it. Electric Quilt allowed me to tinker with everything from color schemes to dimensions to yardage budgets, until I got what I wanted, which was a project that matched my fabric stash with the color preferences of the recipient. I was just a little surprised that I had so much black fleece on hand.


Got a superhero cape story you’d like to share?

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The uh-oh, I forgot project

White Throw & Pillow Project
Our beautiful model is our beloved Bella. I miss her so.

One Christmas I made these for family. A big fleece blanket with two pillowcases. Both personalized with name, monogram, or message. The fringe was cut the same as the fringe on the fleece throw project. These are embellished with the designs and font already in my machine.

The fabric is from JoAnn’s but most places that sell fabric also sell fleece. Watch summer and early fall sales. Look for the ones that say they will not pill. Otherwise, all will not look good with wear and after the first washing, degrading quickly after that.

Fleece is knit fabric. It does not ravel. Even though I used the full width of the fabric, I serge finished the both edges. Still, leaving them without the serging looks good too. A hand-sewn blanket stitch is also very attractive.

If you find yourself in need of a quick hand-made item for a gift keep this in mind. Because after all, if everyone around you knows you can sew that’s what they expect – right?