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Vintage Kitty Trivets – In The Hoop

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I made a couple of these the old fashion way some years ago and have always wanted to make some in the embroidery hoop. Those I made with dark green fabric and beautiful pink rose buds. But this time I wanted to add a pretty fill instead. If you happen to prefer a pretty printed fabric instead of the fill, you can do that here too using the alternate files

Made the old fashion way! 



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Extraordinary Damask Machine Embroidery Series

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This series started with the center design artwork. I love the design but it needed more. Adding pretty rings around it (wreaths) was an easy thought but nearly drove me nuts digitizing the green one – smiles. Then of course I had to make it into something that could be used as a quilt or pillow block. The lattice background and french knots are a favorite finish.

I say Extraordinary because like these designs, damask fabric looks different depending on which way you look at it. Dark areas appear when turned one way but are light when turned another way when other areas turn dark. Yet all the thread came off the same spool. It’s an extraordinary characteristic of damask fabric and machine embroidery thread.

For best view of the Extraordinary Damask Designs view my videos

(Tone on Tone) video(s)
(Pink/Green/White) video(s).
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Be Dee-Lightful Dee

Dee, Delightful Dee, Girls, wing needle, applique, auburn, redhead, brunette, blond

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Dee is a friend of mine who has dark auburn hair and a peaches and cream complexion. Also her favorite color is blue.

I asked another friend what saying I should add to it. She thought about it and said “Be Dee-Lightful!” and I immediately loved it. Thank you Mari for that perfect description to this Dee-Lightful picture.

Dee is a tender heart, whose expertise in many subjects makes for great conversations. I have learned a lot about computers – social media and cyberspace security from her. She is also a Dee-Lightful person. 

Dee, Delightful Dee, Girls, wing needle, applique, auburn, redhead, brunette, blond, 5x7, 7x11
Be Dee-Lightful Dee

I sewed this Dee combination design next to Pami onto green cotton/linen. Now I can make the pretty long pillow I had planned for this project. Her dress is applique fabric but the rest is embroidery. The fabric I chose for her dress has a whirl that almost matches the whirl of her dress in the wind. A happy surprise.  

Dee, Delightful Dee, Girls, wing needle, applique, auburn, redhead, brunette, blond, 5x7, 7x11
Be Dee-Lightful Dee – Lacy Hem Sewn Without a Wing Needle

The wing needle lacy edge along the bottom of the hem is sewn with a regular needle.


Dee, Delightful Dee, Girls, wing needle, applique, auburn, redhead, brunette, blond, 5x7, 7x11
Be Dee-Lightful Dee

In this version of Dee, her dress is not applique (but it can be). Instead I sewed the fill in her dress with a wing needle as well as the lacy hem. You can see the light coming through the holes created by the wing needle when making the lacy circles on the hem. Light shows through some of the wing needle eyelets in her dress as well.


Although I offer two versions of Dee’s dress – applique and wing needle, it can also be both.  So there are really three versions of Dee’s dress. The wing needle fill on her dress can be sewn through the applique fabric as well.

It’s your choice – applique, wing needle fill, or applique + wing needle fill for her dress.

Alternate Hair Colors

I made a few computer renderings of alternate hair colors. The same thread color choices will apply regardless if a brunette, blond, red, or auburn. The colors will still be considered dark, darker, darkest, plus a lighter dark for the highlights in her hair. I hope these are helpful.

On each product page, zoom into the images for larger photos. These full size photos are included in the document too.

Dee, Delightful Dee, Girls, wing needle, applique, auburn, redhead, brunette, blond, 5x7, 7x11
Be Dee-Lightful Dee Brunette
Dee, Delightful Dee, Girls, wing needle, applique, auburn, redhead, brunette, blond, 5x7, 7x11
Be Dee-Lightful Dee Blond
Dee, Delightful Dee, Girls, wing needle, applique, auburn, redhead, brunette, blond, 5x7, 7x11
Be Dee-Lightful Dee Redhead

Designs Include Step-by-Step PDF instructions


  • Madeira Polyneon threads
    • Auburn Hair – #1638 dark, #1782 darker, and #1974 darkest auburn and one color a bit lighter #1942 auburn for the highights in her hair.
    • #1974 Darkest Auburn for her lips
    • #1927 for her skin;  #1656 for her skin shadows; #1726 for skin details.
    • #1892 light aqua for her socks and #1991 dark aqua for her shoes
    • For the wing needle dress
      • #1888 Medium Aqua for the wing needle fill of her dress.
      • #1991 Darker Aqua for the details and shadows of her dress
    • For applique dress –
      • color to match the applique fabric, same color 1-2 shades darker for the details of the dress, and a darker one still for the shadows of her dress.
    • Black for her eyes
    • #1758 Brown for her smile; butterfly bodies and outlines
    • #1919 Medium pink for the butterflies
    • #1941 Light pink for the butterflies details
    • Colors of choice for the lettering
    • Thread color to match the background fabric
  • Pellon ShirTailor fusible interfacing
  • Medium Weight Soft tear away stabilizer
  • Quilter’s Dream 80/20 fusible cotton batting
  • Pima Cotton Broadcloth in cream color
  • Green Cotton/Linen blend
  • For the applique dress – fabric of choice for the applique
  • Wing Needle size 100 or Size 18 Jeans Needle
  • Wonderfil prewound bobbins in white or cream
  • #12 Topstitch needle

Should you want to duplicate what I’ve done here, this is what I used.

Should you choose to make a purchase through any of the product links above, Laura’s Sewing Studio earns a small commission on the sale, at no additional cost to you.

Please note that while these designs do not have a lot of thread colors they do have many thread changes. They are necessary. Don’t consolidate them. Some sections have to sew before other sections.

Be Dee-Lightful Dee 5×7 Inches

Be Dee-Lightful Dee 7×11 Inches

SAVE – Be Dee-Lightful Dee – Everything!

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Celebrate Easter – Love You More – Quilt Banner

Celebrate Easter Banner

Link to the collection can be found at the bottom of this page

Celebrate Easter
Celebrate Easter


Quilted with doves, this is my Easter Quilt for the front door. It can equally hang on the wall. I’ve been putting previous door banners on the backside of the door so when the door is closed I get to enjoy looking at them.

I am using 2 of the designs in my quilt. However, I have edited them into more designs so smaller hoops can sew them and to give you a bit more creative leeway.

8 Designs Total in This Collection

My plan is to make the floral design without the lettering with a different message or simply one very large W. I simply cannot make just one project with this design.

Add any text inside the oval for a customized project

Alternate Message – included with this collection

Love You More - Celebrate Easter Salutation No. 2
Love You More – Sometimes it needs to be said.

Some FYI from my document that accompanies this product.


  • Background Fabric – I used tone on tone 100% cotton prewashed and pressed
  • Cotton Batting – Quilters Dream 80/20 Fusible quilt batting
  • Soft Tear Away (if using quilt batting)
  • Medium weight cutaway – (if not using quilt batting)
  • Wonderfil #80 prewound bobbins or #100 weight cone bobbin thread
  • Madeira #40 weight rayon and polyneon threads
  • Schmetz #12 topstitch needle

Madeira Thread Colors I Used

(R) = Rayon   (P) = Polyneon

  1. R1138 Cream
  2. R1898 Dark Bluish Green
  3. R1048 Medium Green
  4. R2029 Variegated Green – a most interesting variegated thread for vines, grass, and small leaves.
  5. P1861 Yellow
  6. R1024 Gold
  7. R1221 Dark Peach
  8. R1254 Medium Peach
  9. R1018 Light Peach
  10. R1033 Purple
  11. R1033 Medium Plum
  12. R1188 Light Plum
  13. P1781 Very Dark Pink
  14. R1110 Dark Pink
  15. R1109 Medium PInk
  16. R1321 Light Pink

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