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Life is a Box of Colors

This is an 8 inch design that can be used for a clock or anything else you desire.  Also included is the design divided into four 4 inch squares that are easily assembled into the 8 inch design and then the lettering is added to the center.

Information about the clock is included in the document that accompanies this design.

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Berry Wreaths

I love beautiful wreaths. I’m planning a project with wreaths so didn’t want mine to say anything.

I came up with 5 saying and put them in the wreaths for your convenience. Or use the blank one and add your own lettering.

All designs are 6×8 inches (196×150).

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Spring Wreaths

I’ve always loved photos and artwork of beautiful wreaths. Whether they decorate the front door, a pillow, picture frame, or a quilt, they are all so lovely to look at. Admiring them is a pleasure and makes me feel good. This is the first in what I hope to be a series of beautiful wreaths. There is ample space to add text should you desire to do so and personalize it.

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