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Cottage Lace 5×7

This started out as a solid white cottage design. I was thinking about Christmas at the time.  I thought it would be nice on a tree or in a window. After it finished sewing and washed out ,even though it was beautiful, I still wanted it to have color. Specifically flowers and vines. Hence the addition of the yellow windows and botanica. 

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Cottage Gardens

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Of all the cottages I’m made to date this is my most ambitious. It all started with a simple watercolor image of the pot with a couple of sprigs of green growing up on it and a big door of wooden planks. I never planned to make it this elaborate and not even in my dreams did I consider it could be.

I never know how my freestyle designs will turn out because they are not planned. I start with a simple image and literally design all the rest of it freestyle on the screen of my computer within my digitizing software. The design evolves with each day into something I can hardly believe it could be. This one took me 4 weeks off/on with the last week turning into 20 hour days as it was becoming a bit long in the tooth, even for me. Not to mention that I have other designs I’m anxious to make. 

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