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Celebrate Easter – Love You More – Quilt Banner

Celebrate Easter Banner

Link to the collection can be found at the bottom of this page

Celebrate Easter
Celebrate Easter


Quilted with doves, this is my Easter Quilt for the front door. It can equally hang on the wall. I’ve been putting previous door banners on the backside of the door so when the door is closed I get to enjoy looking at them.

I am using 2 of the designs in my quilt. However, I have edited them into more designs so smaller hoops can sew them and to give you a bit more creative leeway.

8 Designs Total in This Collection

My plan is to make the floral design without the lettering with a different message or simply one very large W. I simply cannot make just one project with this design.

Add any text inside the oval for a customized project

Alternate Message – included with this collection

Love You More - Celebrate Easter Salutation No. 2
Love You More – Sometimes it needs to be said.

Some FYI from my document that accompanies this product.


  • Background Fabric – I used tone on tone 100% cotton prewashed and pressed
  • Cotton Batting – Quilters Dream 80/20 Fusible quilt batting
  • Soft Tear Away (if using quilt batting)
  • Medium weight cutaway – (if not using quilt batting)
  • Wonderfil #80 prewound bobbins or #100 weight cone bobbin thread
  • Madeira #40 weight rayon and polyneon threads
  • Schmetz #12 topstitch needle

Madeira Thread Colors I Used

(R) = Rayon   (P) = Polyneon

  1. R1138 Cream
  2. R1898 Dark Bluish Green
  3. R1048 Medium Green
  4. R2029 Variegated Green – a most interesting variegated thread for vines, grass, and small leaves.
  5. P1861 Yellow
  6. R1024 Gold
  7. R1221 Dark Peach
  8. R1254 Medium Peach
  9. R1018 Light Peach
  10. R1033 Purple
  11. R1033 Medium Plum
  12. R1188 Light Plum
  13. P1781 Very Dark Pink
  14. R1110 Dark Pink
  15. R1109 Medium PInk
  16. R1321 Light Pink

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