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Adornment Lace Collectibles – A

This week Dee has sewn the oval A design on a napkin. I love these green and navy colors together. I asked her to sew just one project. It’s too much to sew the designs in every possible method each week.  So each week the newest letter will be sewn in one method.

These designs are quite versatile in that they can be used several different ways:

  1. They can be sewn on fabric sewing just the frame and lettering 
  2. They can be sewn on fabric sewing the frame, lettering, and the lace fill 
  3. They can be sewn on towels or other similar fabrics using the lace fill for the embossing before the rest of the design sews. (See my white towel with Turquoise embroidery.)
  4. They are FSL – Sew the whole design using the letter of your choice or without the letter
  5. It can be used for Cutwork Lace.  After washing out the water soluble stabilizer, the FSL can be appliqued to fabric by zig zag around the outside border of the lace. Then cut away the fabric from behind it for cutwork lace.

What’s Included in the A collection

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Adornment Lace Collectibles – W

This collectible series was not planned. A friend needed a lace design with a center that would support lettering. This is how it started. It has been a long time since I made lace. So I went about working on it. It turned out so nice I decided to make it a series. 

My friend Dee has graciously offered to sew these for me in various projects. This is a great help to me, especially for a series that was not on my schedule. I have sewn all of the letter W projects myself and know they sew very well. 

Sewn on a dinner napkin (minus the ornament hanger)

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Cat Portrait Tiffani

 ~ ~ Link to purchase ‘Tiffani’ is at the bottom of this page ~ ~

Tiffani is a prissy little cat dressed in her lacy hat and scarf as her portrait was being taken. It was taking the photographer (me) a long time to get it right but she did not wilt or get bored with the process at all.

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The Cottage Shoppes

Cottage Shoppe 8x11 Applique Machine Embroidery Project

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I ran across this free artwork a few years ago. I didn’t know if it would be well received or not. So I have hung onto it. This is actually the first cottage I made. There is so many details, hence all the thread changes. But it is worth it!

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Hat Pincushions and Mug Rugs

In-The-Hoop 6-Inch Pincushion

Ruffled Brim ITH Pincushions

I started out making pincushions out of little hats. But as I was making them I came to realize they are pretty mug rugs and the 4×4 is a pretty coaster. If you have scraps of fleece in your stash you can make these inexpensively and use up some of those scraps. Most any fabric that does not fray will work as long as it is heavy enough. I have felted wool ready to go. These projects are great stash busters.

ITH Mug Rugs

If you prefer a mug rug then add a layer of vinyl under the back design and it will be waterproof. After the front and back sides are put together, the vinyl will not be seen.

The mug rug design is made totally in the hoop. The pincushion is the same, then stuffed, gathered, hand stitch close, and tied.

Flat Brim ITH Pincushion

Being a hand embroiderer from back in my elementary school days, I created the hand look stitches – the flowers are lazy daisies. Each size design has a difference floral arrangement. These are the most obvious of the hand like stitches. See if you can identify the others when making your pincushion or mug rug. 

Flat Brim ITH Hat Pincushion

I want my Mug Rugs!

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