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Little Susie Wing Needle Sunbonnet Sue 5×7

Wing Needle Sunbonnet Sue, Susie, machine embroidery

“Wake up little Susie, wake up”

~~~ A link to purchase ‘LIttle’ Susie 5×7 is at the bottom of this page ~~~

I’ve been hanging onto this idea for a long time. I don’t know  why it has taken me so long to make one. Maybe hearing people say they are sick of them. There are a lot of them available. But I still like them and wanted to make this one not so much for quilting but dressing her up a bit with specialty stitches. From the response to Susie I made Little Susie for folks who want Susie but cannot sew a design that large.

I make many of my own stitches. In this case the wing needle stitches, the eyelets, and the woven fill on her hat.

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