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Oh, did I forget to mention…

I’ve recently included three new discount shops to which I’m adding new designs almost daily. If you mosey on over to my shop, they’re the first three entries. Some of the designs are fun and silly little singles like today’s release…

My Baby Bunny No. 4


…while some of the entries are temporary sale items are of a more complex nature…

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Cat Portrait Tiffani

 ~ ~ Link to purchase ‘Tiffani’ is at the bottom of this page ~ ~

Tiffani is a prissy little cat dressed in her lacy hat and scarf as her portrait was being taken. It was taking the photographer (me) a long time to get it right but she did not wilt or get bored with the process at all.

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Mother’s Day Sale through 5/12/19 (see details)

Glorious Hearts in Pink & Green

Laura’s Sewing Studio Lacy Hearts

We are having a sale on select heart collections

50% off each collection to the first 100 sales.

After that they will go back to their regular price.

Go to SHOP

The heart collections on sale are on the first page

Sale goes through Sunday May 12, 2019