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Vintage Lace Truck With Trees

ON SALE through 1/31/21

Currently, an old vintage truck is a very popular icon of days past. When I ran across this artwork I knew it had to be made in machine embroidery.

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‘Sewing Goddess’ Vintage Sewing Machine

Sewing Goddess 8-Inch with Salutation

~~~~ Links to each collection are at the bottom of this page ~~~~

4-Inch Sewing Goddess

I could not resist the artwork of this stunning sewing machine. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to put it on a left shoulder like a logo or a large design made into a banner quilt. So I made it many sizes so you and I can use it for most any project we want. I would love to have this on a left shoulder when attending classes or quilt shows. But I really want one made into a wall banner quilted for my studio.

My banner so far. I have a beautiful floral striped fabric I plan to use for the border. I will place it on the wall near where I sit most of the day on the computer or at the sewing machine. Hubby came up with this saying – I love it!

8-inch Sewing Goddess

These designs are available in 3-4 inches, 5-6 inches, and 7-8 inches, or get them all at a discount

Each Sewing Goddess arrangement includes twelve (12) phrases sized for the 3-Inch, 5-Inch, and 7-Inch sewing machine designs.

Just to get you started

I have sewn every one of these designs and evaluated everyone of them. I know they sew well, as I have offered them. Any changes you make with these designs are not guaranteed as to how well they will sew.

Sewing Goddess 5 inch

These designs are not ones that can be resized with your software and expect it to sew well. This is because it is all satin stitching. Satin stitches can be but so wide before the density has to be increased and additional underlay stitching added. Even larger designs requires even more underlay to large satin stitch areas or the long satin stitches can part showing fabric underneath.

The 7 inch design turned out beautiful on a guest towel

Sewing Goddess 7 inches

This one I made for my friend Dee, who contributed some of the phrases to the collection.

8-Inch Sewing Goddess

Sewing Goddess designs are all one color designs. To add a saying beneath the machine open your software, then open the machine design and insert the lettering into the file. Save it with a different name. Move the lettering under the machine where you want them located.  Save file. Send it to your machine.

Alternatively, open the machine design and the lettering design. Select the lettering design. Copy it. Paste it into the machine design. Save it with a different name. Move the lettering under the machine where you want it located. Save file. Send it to your machine.

Of course, you can always add your own name or expression, making it uniquely yours.

Many thanks to my hubby and my friend Dee for their contributions.

3 & 4 Inch Sewing Goddess

5 & 6 Inch Sewing Goddess

7 & 8 Inch Sewing Goddess

I want ’em all!!!