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Christmas Cat Lace Ornaments

Christmas Cats Lace Ornaments

As I was digitizing these designs my husband walks in and saw them. He wanted them to be lace. So I made
them lace.

Depending on the speed you have set on your embroidery machine, these designs sew fast. For mine at 800 SPM they sew between 17 and 20 mins. So they are quick to make to give as gifts. They dry quickly. They fit into a greeting card for easy gifts.

I made only 4 because that’s plenty variety (and I didn’t like the rest of them in the artwork collection – snicker)!

Wash out all of the water soluble stabilizer and design will be firm. No need to add stiffener.

These designs are versatile in that they can be used 4 different ways:
1. They can be sewn on fabric sewing just the cat
2. They can be sewn on fabric sewing just the cat and the frame with the lace background
3. They can be sewn on towels or other similar fabrics using the lace fill for the embossing
before the rest of the design sews.
4. They are FSL – Sew the whole design onto Vilene for FSL

Notions I Used

  • Vilene water soluble stabilizer for the lace – just one layer is needed
  • Madeira Polyneon #40 embroidery threads in the top for all projects
  • Wonderfil #80 prewound bobbin for all the projects *
  • Size12 topstitch needle for all projects
  • Medium weight soft tear away stabilizer 2 layers for projects sewn on fabric
  • Medium weight soft tear away stabilizer 1 layer for projects on towels

* ​ Wonderfil bobbin threads are fine weight.. For this reason using them makes designs
much less dense. With a lower top tension it nearly disappears on the backside. I love
this feature because it ​ makes the lace reversible without having to switch out the
bobbin color to match what is sewing on the top.


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