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Christmas Cottage

If you haven’t guessed by now, I LOVE making cottages. This is my version of a Christmas Cottage. It takes a long time to sew but well worth it.

The cottage is sturdy and holds its shape (when sewn as directed).  But if you want a stiff cottage I offer an easy solution in the documentation that accompanies this cottage.

The cutouts in this design allow light to show through an applique fabric attached to the backside of the cottage. The traditional process is called reverse applique. Although my process is a little different, to keep it less confusing we’ll keep the same terminology everyone is used to – Reverse Applique.

The comprehensive instructions that accompany this design is considerable, with photos , diagrams, and 18 – 19 pages of  instructions. But don’t let that scare you. Once the embroidery is done the construction of the cottage is amazingly easy to cut out and fold it into its shape, lastly sewing the seams.

Be sure to click the + on the photos whose names end with 800 to get a much better close up view of the details  in this design.

The light inside my cottage is a bit too big and it’s round. Propped up inside, it makes some sides of the cottage bulge. LOL! I need to get an appropriate light for it.

So How is it Done?

An in the hoop design, the cottage is sewn in all one piece (8×11, split in half for 6×8).  See photo

  • It has tabs that are seam allowances.
  • Turn the bottom seam allowances up. Topstitch it down.
  • Turn the cottage right sides together.
  • Sew the roof seams one seam at a time.
  • Then sew the long side seam together
  • Turn right side out and it’s done!

If you want a bottom like mine there are instructions for that as well and it’s not difficult.


Again, my big round light propped up inside has the cottage bulging, poor tree. LOL.

My plan for my cottage is to stuff it, put a few rocks in the bottom for weight and display it along with my Cottage Love Little House Pincushion. I keep that one on my desk all the time. I just love looking at it .

My friend, Dee wants to put lights in hers. So I made it to accommodate both, lights or stuffing. I’ll be adding hers to the site shortly.

Make yours for whatever purpose you dream of. Making one for a realtor friend would be awesome.

My niece loves Christmas – It would be the perfect gift for her.

This cottage is available for 8×11 and 6×8 hoops. The cottages made with these two different size hoops are exactly the same cottage when assembled. So there is no need to buy both.

Both hoop sizes make the exact same cottage

Cottage is 6.5 inches by 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches

Find the Christmas Cottage for the 6×8 hoop here!

 Find the Christmas Cottage for the 8×11 hoop here!

2 thoughts on “Christmas Cottage

  1. I must be dense. I don’t see a photo that says 800. I clicked the little little magnifying glass on the large photo shown but there was no bigger view.
    Really cute cottage. Liz

    1. Thanks Liz. The name of the file is at the bottom of the picture. The last numbers are it’s size. 800 is the largest I post.
      Hope that helps.

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