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Cottage Gardens

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Of all the cottages I’m made to date this is my most ambitious. It all started with a simple watercolor image of the pot with a couple of sprigs of green growing up on it and a big door of wooden planks. I never planned to make it this elaborate and not even in my dreams did I consider it could be.

I never know how my freestyle designs will turn out because they are not planned. I start with a simple image and literally design all the rest of it freestyle on the screen of my computer within my digitizing software. The design evolves with each day into something I can hardly believe it could be. This one took me 4 weeks off/on with the last week turning into 20 hour days as it was becoming a bit long in the tooth, even for me. Not to mention that I have other designs I’m anxious to make. 

I’m making a wool throw for the foot of our bed. For that reason, I sew at least one size of each cottage onto the gray wool background fabric.

This is the top of the Cottage Garden.

It has a little surprise dormer window. It always has fresh flowers in the tiny flower pot outside the window. I wonder who lives there?

But more than that I wonder who or rather what resides in that bed of vegetation on top of the handle.





On another level someone enjoys the balcony keeping the flower pot there at it’s best.

He makes sure the wisteria safely finds it way down around the cottage.

Quite a gardener he is, growing such huge flowers out of mere flower pots.



The lower level of the Cottage Garden shows the true value of exemplary gardening.

The gardener of course has the most welcoming of all doors to greet visitors.

What beautiful pink climbing roses he has trained around the door.

I would love to see inside this cottage. I imagine they keep it as awesome on the inside as the outside.

I’m willing to wager it contains a lot of PINK too!

YES! I WANT MY 6×10 Cottage Garden

YES! I WANT MY 8×11 Cottage Garden

“I am often asked the question How can the masses permit themselves to be exploited by the few. The answer is by being persuaded to identify with them.”
E.L. Doctorow, Ragtime


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