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Cottage Lace 5×7

This started out as a solid white cottage design. I was thinking about Christmas at the time.  I thought it would be nice on a tree or in a window. After it finished sewing and washed out ,even though it was beautiful, I still wanted it to have color. Specifically flowers and vines. Hence the addition of the yellow windows and botanica. 

 These designs will maintain their shape even after all of the wss has been washed out.

Hang these on the tree, windows, cubicle, anywhere that they can be enjoyed. 

Great for every season – shown here Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Christmas


Vilene being thin and smooth I find it difficult to keep it stable on the long sides of rectangular hoops. I use no slip hoop tape on the outside of my inner hoop. Evenso the two long sides pull in. For that reason, I devised an additional method that did the trick. Part of this is an old method but with a couple of additions.  Method described in the pdf document that accompanies this collection.



Notions I Used*

  • Vilene water soluble stabilizer for the lace – two layers
  • Optional* –  Medium weight felt large enough for the hoop +2 inches all around  

     *Read “Stabilization” section of the document before dismissing this option!                                                                                                                                    

  • Madeira Polyneon #40 embroidery threads 
  • Wonderfil #80 prewound bobbins * – I used white for the white lace areas and smoke for the colored areas.
  • Size 12 topstitch needle 

* Wonderfil bobbin threads are fine weight.. For this reason using them makes designs much less dense. With a lower top tension it nearly disappears on the backside. I love this feature because it makes lace reversible without having to switch out the bobbin color to match what is sewing on the top.



Be sure to read the document thoroughly before starting to sew these designs.

*For best results use the threads and stabilizing techniques documented in the pdf doc.

YES! I WANT MY Cottage Lace 5×7

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