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Cottage Love 8 inch and Landscaped Designs Plus Elements

Cottage Love 8x11

I had several people ask for the Cottage Love design in an 8 inch size. So I ran a poll to find out if many people wanted an 8 inch version of the Cottage Love design. I can sew an 8×11 inch design so decided I would make one landscaped to fit my hoop plus an 8 inch cottage by itself. 

Cottage Love Landscaped 8 x 11 inches

This design requires 33 thread changes and 19 colors, when stitched as shown.

This landscaped version of Cottage Love is a large scene 8×11 inches (200 x 280mm). The cottage itself is a bit larger than 8 inches across.

I sewed the white in this house with cream color polar fleece. The rest of the appliques and background fabrics are wool. The roof is wool fabric I felted for this purpose.

The cat is a button. Consider adding pearls to the flower centers for additional texture and a more elegant finish.

We have linked products to cats, dogs, birds, chicken, and flower buttons for the landscape designs. Do a search for Button.


Cottage Love 8 inches

The Cottage Love 8 inch design is for folks who can sew an 8×8 inch design but not larger. 

When completed, the design measure 200 x 180 mm (8 x 7.5 inches).

The design requires 27 thread changes and 14 colors, when stitched as shown.

This cottage is smaller than the cottage in the 8 x 11 landscaped design

The Elements – tree, grass, plants are part of the 8 x 11 landscaped design. If you would like to create the 8 x 11 or a smaller landscaped project those extras are a separate purchase for a nominal fee.

Cottage Love 8×11 Landscaped Design

Cottage Love 8 Inch Design

Cottage Love 8 Inch Elements

Cottage Love 6 Inch Design

Cottage Love 6 Inch Elements

Cottage Love 5 Inch Design

Cottage Love 5 Inch Elements

Cottage Love 4 Inch Design

Cottage Love 4 Inch Elements

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