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Cottage Love – Little House

Cottage Love Pincushion Project

I have been wanting another wool pincushion. I keep them all over the house for convenience when ever I need a pin, needle, or safety pin. If you are not in the market for a pincushion it makes a perfect paper weight and decoration any where you would like, especially window sills or on your desk.

Cottage Love – Little House Front

For larger pictures, visit the product page (link at bottom of this page).
Then click on the photos and the magnifying glass.

I love this little cottage and planned to make it into a pin cushion. However, after it was finished, it is so cute I can’t stop looking at it. It is still on my desk in front of my keyboard for me to enjoy. It’s a good paper weight too. If I had a higher windowsill it would be sitting in that. In fact all these little cottages would have a place there, on the breakfast table, my night stand. Well you get the picture.

Cottage Love – Little House Back

Little House has 2 different sides – one with a bathroom window

Cottage Love – Little House Front Right
Cottage Love – Little House Back Right








This little house is 4 inches across, 3 inches deep and ~3 inches tall.

I filled it with ground walnut shells to give it weight and to keep my pins sharp. Information about that is included in the document.

The comprehensive document that accompanies this project is full of pictures as part of the instructions for putting it together.

Consider making these for gifts for someones office desk or cubicle, or to set into a kitchen windowsill.

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