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Cottage Rose Collections

Cottage Rose 8x11

~~~~ Links to each collection is at the bottom of this page ~~~~

Life is But a Dream

This is my first two-story cottage with my dream landscaping. It was a rather plain house artwork but it was pink which of course drew my attention. I spiced it up with my dream colorful landscaping complete with grass, shaped bushes, and a beautiful balanced tree in full bloom.

I added animal and bird buttons to these sew outs because I like them this way.  Find links to these special buttons by typing the word button into the search box located in the upper right corner.

Cottage Rose 8×11 with Buttons

Remembering my mom’s purple alliums I created my machine embroidery version in the front flower bed. I remember carpets of colorful phlox in nearly every yard back home in Virginia every spring so I made the pink and purple phlox carpets on the ground of the front flower beds.

The overflowing flower box on the second floor is a dream come true for me as I have never been able to grow a flower box this great. So making an embroidery one is an assurance I can own one this beautiful with a plus that it will stay this way all season long without all the work year after year.

Cottage Rose 6×7 with Buttons

The trailing flowers and their vines are again a dream arrangement I have always wanted but no green thumb around here except on my computer playing with nothing more than my embroidery digitizing program and my imagination.

Cottage Rose 5×6 with Buttons

The front railing on the left side I left open especially for a kitty button to be placed as well as a grassy area where other buttons can be added with pets to enjoy. The tree is plenty spacious and open to add button birds. A chicken or two…or three…running around in the yard would be nice.

Included in each collection are all the elements and the house. PDF instructions included.

Cottage Rose 8×11 Inches

Cottage Rose 8-Inches

Cottage Rose 6×7 Inches

Cottage Rose 5×6 Inches

Cottge Rose 4×4 Inches

2 thoughts on “Cottage Rose Collections

  1. Thank you so much for the nice file on the Cottages you sent to me last week..How special you are..As soon as I finish this Baby Quilt I’m working on, I will start on my wee Cottage. By chance, do you have directions on how to make the precious pin cushion? Don’t want to be a pest but I love pin cushions and so does my Daughter-in-Law.. I wish you every success in this sight you have. Just by chance I found you..God is Good!!! Your sight is so cheerful..I love coming in for a visit…Hugs, Betty Morgan

    1. Hello Betty,
      Have you not received the printed instructions in the mail?
      I don’t know which pincushions you are referring. I have two different ones.

      I’ll email you.

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