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Diva Katz – On Sale

~~~Links to each collection can be found at the bottom of this page~~~

I’ve been wanting some long tall kitties for a long time. When I ran across this artwork I knew these were it.

These will be great in so many projects. I wanted mine on my tops and tunics. But a quilted banner with all three on the bottom (w/o the lettering) and Cat Lady in the top comes to mind. Includes a Cat Lady Bonus*

Diva Katz Trio Design – 11 inches tall including their head gear

Because I wanted these on some very lightweight cotton jersey tunics, I used organza for the applique fabric and 1 lightweight cotton floral print. Almost all of the embroidery is located on the applique fabric with very little on the knit fabric itself. Therefore, I decided to use water soluble stabilizer on top and bottom instead of the usual cut away on the back.

Diva Katz on Lightweight Knit Tunic – 11 inches tall without any head gear

The appliques turned out very soft and drape with the fabric. I thought I would need to add a layer of light weight fusible to the backside to keep the embroidery threads from scratching me but nope, didn’t scratch me. Maybe because of the very fine embroidery bobbin thread I use?

Available in 4 Collections – All On Sale

3 collections – all different designs plus an ‘Everything Collection’ that has all of them

*Included in all sets is the BONUS ‘Cat Lady’ design – just in case you want to make a cat lady quilt banner to go with the Katz.

Diva Katz Bonus Cat Lady Design

The Eyes Have It

Diva Katz
Diva Katz
Diva Katz
Diva Katz


  • Organza Applique Fabric or other lightweight fabric – I used both
  • Jersey Needle – size 10 for lightweight knits – This is what I used for my knit tops
  • Topstitch Needle – size 12 for woven fabrics
  • Water soluble stabilizer 2 pieces (1 top and 1 bottom) to fit the hoop – Aqua film or Badgemaster clear water soluble stabilizer
  • Background fabric or garment (woven or knit) – I used very lightweight cotton jersey garments from J Jill
  • Wonderfil #80 prewound bobbins or #100 cone bobbin thread
  • Madeira Polyneon embroidery threads – I used black, rose pink, and pink. For eyes I used gold, 2 shades of green (about 2 shades apart), two shades of aqua blue (about 2 shades apart), black, and white.

See below for further details.

Diva Katz 9 Inch Collection – On Sale

Diva Katz 11 Inch Collection – On Sale

Diva Katz 8×11 Inch Trio Collection – On Sale

Diva Katz Everything Collection – On Sale

“People under seventy and over seven are very unreliable if they are not cats.”

― Leonora Carrington, The Hearing Trumpet

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