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Ear Warmers for Men and Women – Adult Sizes

My ears get chilly just sitting at my computer especially with the air cleaner on. We keep the house a bit chilly as well. I enjoy wearing these in the house as well as outside when it is cold.

Hubby wanted one to wear under his biking helmet – he is an avid biker.  His is the olive green sample.

Having a BAD HAIR DAY? Slip one of these on.

I selected natural fiber fabrics and cotton batting inside these to make them warm. 

Once you have your supplies together, the ear warmers are quick projects to make. They make great gifts as well.

These are ‘puffy’ and don’t smash the hair on top of your head.  

See photos of ear warmers for men



I made this ear warmer out of cotton sherpa fabric. It is like a sweater knit.  Because of the high pile I didn’t want to embroider on it directly . So I added 3-D flowers and leaves.

It has self fabric scrunchies center front and center back.



I made this ear warmer using cotton sweat shirt fleece fabric. I used the fuzzy side outside to be next to my skin.  This one shows a scrunchy added in a different color and fabric (cotton interlock), with a second narrow scrunchy in green polyester fleece. Both in colors to match the embroidery design.

If you don’t already have one, a HEMOSTAT is a very useful tool to have in the sewing room. You can use it to turn tubes and  grab hold  and lock onto things when you need it.

I used my hemostat to put the scrunchies onto the ear warmers. Made the job easy!


This ear warmer is made with 80/20 cotton/poly velour. I added a one color elegant design on just the one side and self fabric scrunchie center front and back.



This ear warmer I made for my hubby to wear under his bike helmet. I added manly feather designs on either side from the center.

It is made with 100% cotton interlock fabric and of course cotton batting inside.

Instead  of scrunchies I hand scrunched the fabric lightly and hand sewed it in place. 

He says it fits good under his helmet and keeps his ears warm. 


I want my ears warmed!


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10 thoughts on “Ear Warmers for Men and Women – Adult Sizes

  1. What pattern do you recommend for making these? I didn’t get any “projext” instructions with the embroidery designs.

    1. Hello Lois,
      All of the instructions are in the 22 page PDF you downloaded. Read through that and you will find all you need.
      Let me know if you need further help. I am happy to help.

  2. love it so happy for your new site i can come and see and buy tyvm love this band

    1. Thank you Dee. I’m so happy all can join in now too.
      Happy Sewing,

  3. I’d like to see a sample of a men’s design before I buy

    1. My husbands is the olive green one with the feather designs. It is made with cotton interlock fabric and cotton batting. I didn’t add scrunchies to his. He wore it a few times before I took these photos. But I did gather his a little in the center front for the pictures. I told him he could remove that afterwards but he says he likes it that way. There is no scrunchy in the back.

  4. Great idea for a male gift. How would you use just fleece. I have plenty of fleece and would be a good idea if it works. Thank you

    1. Any knit fabric will work. So yes fleece will work.

  5. A Great Big ” Thank You ” for the great Ear Warmer Pattern.
    Love your designs.
    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

    1. You’re welcome Sharon. I’m making more for gifts myself.
      Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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