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Ear Warmers for Men Photos

My guy wanted his ear warmers in olive green cotton interlock. I added a layer of cotton batting for more warmth.

He didn’t want scrunchies on his because it was too bulky under his bike helmet.

But I did scrunch the center front a bit for photos.

I told him he could take it out afterward but he decided he liked it better this way. 





Some shots of the ear warmer under his bike helmet.

As you can see it covers his ears and around the helmet keeping the wind and cold out. 

He’s quite happy with his new accessory.



Whether your guy bikes, hunts, walks the dog, or just loves being outdoors he will appreciate ear warmers!

So get started on a most surprising gift he won’t be able to guess ahead of time. 

Let’s warm them ears!




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  1. Laura
    I can finally go into your website ! This new server is great .
    Hope your holidays are happy.

    1. Thank you Sandra.
      All is well.
      Merry Christmas to you and yours

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