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Enchanted Reindeer

 ~ ~ Link to purchase ‘Enchanted Reindeer Collection’ are at the bottom of this page ~ ~
~ ~ Links to purchase ‘Enchanted Reindeer Singles’ are located in the $1.39 shop ~ ~

Perfectly named by the artist as ‘Enchanted’, when I saw these reindeer I didn’t hesitate to purchase the artwork. That was a few years ago before I got sick. I know they have already been digitized by others but that was a few years ago too. I’m finally getting around to digitizing them myself and it has been sheer pleasure looking at and sewing these precious reindeer.

Enchanted Reindeer No. 4
Enchanted Reindeer No. 4

These are 5×7 inch designs. A good size for quilt blocks, purses, and garments. They are all one color designs, so no thread changes are listed here or needed. 

I offer these as singles in the $1.39 shop or you can purchase the whole collection at 60% discount.

There are no jump stitches. If you find one then it must be small and I missed it.

They are satin stitch outlines. Therefore, a crisp stabilizer is not recommended . This is because satin stitch outlines – especially narrow ones like these, can perforate off a crisp stabilizer and then the design is no longer stable in the hoop.

I sewed these onto simple muslin with a layer of cotton quilt batting underneath plus one layer of soft tear away stabilizer under that. They stitched perfectly – even with rayon thread – smiles. 

I use #80 weight bobbin thread, prewounds from Wonderfil. These make embroidery much more light weight with less thread competing for the same space on the fabric.

Use a needle appropriate for the fabric. I use #12 Topstitch needles for most all embroidery. But for a lighter weight fabric I use smaller sizes #8 or #10. Of course for knit fabrics always use ball point needles.

Artwork (c) Clipartoon



Don’t need all nine designs? No problem.

$1.39 Shop of Machine Embroidery Designs
$1.39 Shop


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