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Extraordinary Damask Machine Embroidery Series

~~ Links to purchase Extraordinary Damask is at the bottom of this page ~~

This series started with the center design artwork. I love the design but it needed more. Adding pretty rings around it (wreaths) was an easy thought but nearly drove me nuts digitizing the green one – smiles. Then of course I had to make it into something that could be used as a quilt or pillow block. The lattice background and french knots are a favorite finish.

I say Extraordinary because like these designs, damask fabric looks different depending on which way you look at it. Dark areas appear when turned one way but are light when turned another way when other areas turn dark. Yet all the thread came off the same spool. It’s an extraordinary characteristic of damask fabric and machine embroidery thread.

For best view of the Extraordinary Damask Designs view my videos

(Tone on Tone) video(s)
(Pink/Green/White) video(s).
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Shown here is the full 8×8 inch design with all the bells and whistles

Tone on Tone and Pink/Green/White


I’ve divided these into 3 separate collections 5-inch, 7 inch, and 8 inch. This way you can purchase only the size you want or can sew.

If you prefer to  have all of them I offer them at a 37% discount for all 3 sets.

Here’s how it works.

  • Add all 3 sets to your cart
  • View Cart – the 37% discount is automatically added to each set

This set qualifies for the Gift With Purchase program as well.

So scroll down and pick a gift. There are several to choose from. New ones are added daily

The name Damasks came from the city of Damascus where damask fabric was made back in
the early middle ages. When I was a child I remember seeing a damask tablecloth on my
grandmother’s dinner table. After reading about Damask on Wikipedia I know why it is such a
popular tablecloth fabric. It doesn’t absorb water like regular woven fabrics. You gotta love

Shown here the 7 inch design(s)

Tone on Tone and Pink/Green/White

I’ve noticed the fabric throughout my life. It is so interesting to look at, on both sides. Both sides
are the same but yet they are both different from each other. It depends on how you look at it as
to what you can see. It’s all in the weave of course. It’s an Extraordinary characteristic that’s
hard to not look at. Sitting here at my computer typing this, I look over at my machine
embroidering next to me. I see the design has some dark areas and some lighter areas. But the thread is all off the same cone – Pseudo-damask. Smiles

Shown here the 5 inch design(s)

Tone on Tone and Pink/Green/White



About 30 years ago I bought some pink damask from what was then ‘Fabric Market’. I made a
bath robe out of it, which I still use. It is quite durable. Make a garment out of it and you could go
crazy keeping the right side and the wrong side consistent. I pinned little notes to the pieces but
still wasn’t sure I had it right and sometimes it wasn’t. At least I think it wasn’t.

On the product pages, be sure to look at the two detail pictures for more information about each design in each set.


Like any embroidery designs notions depends on what you are making. At this time I don’t know
exactly what I will be making but it will be home dec. For that purpose these are notions I am
● Cotton Sateen fabric
● 1 layer Pellon ShirTailor fusible stabilizer
● 1 layer fusible 80/20 Quilter’s Dream quilt batting
● 1 layer World Weidner soft tear away stabilizer
● Pink and Green Madeira Polyneon machine embroidery thread
● Wonderfil #80 prewound bobbins
● Organ size 12 Topstitch needle




“Atticus told me to delete the adjectives and I’d have the facts.” – Scout Finch

Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird


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