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Golden Snowflakes

Yes – more snowflakes!

I couldn’t resist this gorgeous artwork. I immediately had in mine to sew them with gold metallic thread on a white knit top.

If you need a quick what to wear to a (perhaps unexpected) get together for the holidays this will do it for you. A top with fancy pants or skirt and you are ready to go. My top is a simple cotton Walmart top. It is short sleeved but then we get very little cold weather in Houston. You probably have an un-decorated top in your closet to adorn with one of these arrangements or just one or two singles.

Golden Snowflake on Navy Knit Fabric

These are one color designs. The arrangements have color stops to allow you to change thread colors should you wish to do that. I sewed the white top with all the same thread and color.

Superior Metallic thread – I bought a cone of this at Quilt Festival nearly 20 years ago and it still sews without any problems. I mostly use #12 top stitch needles for embroidery but because this top is knitted it requires a ball point needle. Again I used a size #12. But even with the smaller eye of the ball point needle this thread did not fray or break. It never disappoints me

Wonderfil pre-wound bobbins are my mainstay. This thread is a #80 weight tough polyester thread that makes the embroidery lighter weight.

I use medium-weight, cut-away stabilizer for these sew outs.

Golden Snowflakes

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