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The Cottage Shoppes

Cottage Shoppe 8x11 Applique Machine Embroidery Project

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I ran across this free artwork a few years ago. I didn’t know if it would be well received or not. So I have hung onto it. This is actually the first cottage I made. There is so many details, hence all the thread changes. But it is worth it!

The one sewn on blue is sewn onto polar fleece and the house is cream polar fleece.

Cottage Shoppe 8×11


The one sewn on gray is sewn onto gray wool and the cottage is cream polar fleece

Cottage Shoppe 8×11

The pink and blue cottages are cotton and sewn on cotton.

Cottage Shoppe 5×7


Cottage Shoppe 6×9

They fit the 5×7, 6×9, 7×11, and 8×11 hoops or larger

On the product pages be sure to zoom into the photos to see all the details.

All cottages were hooped with a layer of cotton quilting fleece on the backside, plus one layer of medium weight soft tear away stabilizer. The cottage on the blue polar fleece was sewn with a top layer of Badgemaster. It’s not shown in the picture because I washed it out.


  • Background fabric of choice
  • Applique fabric for: The stone chimney and steps; the house and dormers; the roof; the grass up against the front of the house; and the sign. Take note that the stitching will show up better on solid or almost solid fabrics.
  • Cotton quilt batting
  • Medium weight soft tear away stabilizer
  • Topdressing of Badgemaster – if sewing onto fleece or any knit fabric
  • Size 12 Topstitch needle for fabrics other than knits
  • Size 11 Ball point needle if sewing onto knit fabric
  • Size 80 or 100 weight bobbin thread – I use Wonderfil polyester bobbin threads
  • Thread colors of choice.

Thread Colors Needed

  1. Color to match each of the applique fabrics
  2. Color a shade or two darker than what matches each of the applique fabrics. These will sew the heavy blanket stitch around the applique, a few line details, and the shingles on the roof
  3. Three greens – dark, medium, light
  4. Light gold for flower centers and petals
  5. Gold for door knob
  6. Pale yellow or lighter for the light inside the house. Can also use pale blue or pale blue/gray
  7. Dark gray or black for the wrought iron sign holder and the sewing machine (if you chose to sew that particular sign)
  8. Color for the curtains and a coordinating color for the stripes (For coordinating color I used white most of the time and pink once)
  9. Three pinks for the tree flowers: light, medium, and dark pinks or colors of choice
  10. Color for the cone flowers (I used soft gold)
  11. Color for the center of the cone flowers (I used brown)
  12. Color for the daisies (I used blue or white with yellow centers)
  13. Two colors for the flowers outside the dormers – I used medium pink and rose red. I used the same two colors for the flowers inside the front window as well as the lamp shade, bowl, and vase inside the front window.
  14. Color for the window frames and the door – I used dark red or white
  15. Color for the decorative wood trim around and above the door – I used white
  16. Brown for the topiary trunk and lamp base inside the front window.
  17. Two colors for the topiary planter – I used rose and white or blue and white
  18. The topiary top colors sew with various flower colors during the design
  19. Two coordinating colors for the rose buds just outside the door – I used 2 shades of pink or 2 shades of plum.

The sign

There are two signs: ‘Welcome’ and ‘Sewing Machine’.

Both signs are included in the design. They sew after everything else is sewn.

Cottage Shoppe 8×11 Inches

Cottage Shoppe 7×11 Inches

Cottage Shoppe 6×9 Inches

Cottage Shoppe 5×7 Inches

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4 thoughts on “The Cottage Shoppes

  1. Beautiful! I hope there are more

    1. Thank you Michelle.
      Yes more on the way.

  2. How often will new cottages come out? I have done the biggest before, Buy i don’t have space for very many more.
    Laura Schrodt

    1. Hi Laura
      I have one more two story and 2 more one stories I want to do.
      Happy Sewing,

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