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Kaneshon No. 9 – Free Embroidery Designs

In appreciation for those of you who support me and my studio, here is another in a series of free embroidery designs – free to the first 500 downloads. After that it will be offered for sale.

I’ve included 2 designs. One is satin stitched and sewn in 2 colors. The other is an outline design in all one color for quiltering (quilting) or anywhere you would like just the outline design sewn.

PLEASE NO SHARING – If you’re enamored with these freebies so much that you want to share with your fellow threadnuts – um, fabric artist –  please send your fellow enthusiast here so that they can check out the rest of my embroidery library, tutorials and inspirational stories and photographs.

If you like these freebies and want to make sure you get the rest of the collection, moving forward, consider signing up for my newsletter or Facebook group. Otherwise, come visit often and stay as long as you like.


“What greater gift than the love of a cat?” – Charles Dickens

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2 thoughts on “Kaneshon No. 9 – Free Embroidery Designs

  1. Hi Kaura

    I don’t do Face book, more than happy to have updates via emails . Sad about Yahoo, it was just great in the early days, then changes were made and not for the better.

    Look forward to lots of info and of course new designs in the New Year.

    Have a wonderful Christmas with your family

    Cheers Ann
    From Sunny West Oz the only Place to live.

    PS Not to sure about that at the moment we are have a real run of very, very hot weather, been in the high 40’s plus a couple of days at 43 and 44, felt like a limp rag. LOL

    1. Do you belong to my email list?

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