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Vintage Kitty Trivets – In The Hoop

~~~Links to purchase these designs are at the bottom of this page ~~~

Made the old fashion way! 

I made a couple of these the old fashion way some years ago and have always wanted to make some in the embroidery hoop. Those I made with dark green fabric and beautiful pink rose buds. But this time I wanted to add a pretty fill instead. If you happen to prefer a pretty printed fabric instead of the fill, you can do that here too using the alternate files


Front and Back – The machine embroidery way!

This is one and the same reversible trivet!

Pink is using the Floral Fill Quilting – Dark Green is using the Alternate/traditional Lattice Quilting. Both can have the cat details (tail, whiskers, nose, ear) or no cat details – your choice. The pink and green is the same trivet.

These cat trivets are made in the hoop. Both sides are the same or different fabric or quilting design or both. They can be a pretty fabric on both sides. Lots of options listed below

These will make great gifts for a cat lover. These designs are plenty large enough for using in the kitchen, on the dinner table,  mug rugs, or simply hang them on the wall



This collection has a few options I hope I can make clear.

  • Each size cat has a cat facing left and a cat facing right (2 files) You must sew one of each to complete the project
  • Each size cat has a different decorative floral fill
    • A cat with this fill can be sewn with or without the cat features – eye, tail, ear, whiskers
    • A cat with this fill can have a matching backside or an alternate backside (read further)
  • Each size cat also has an ‘alternate’ more traditional fill. In this case a pretty on-point lattice. 
  • The alternate/traditional fills are separate embroidery files from the decorative floral fills.
  • The alternate/traditional fill is for:
    • Faster sew outs
    • For use on printed fabrics where the decorative floral fill would not show up
    • To use on just the back of the floral fill cat project
    • If you want a simpler more traditional fill altogether
    • Is pretty on solid or almost solid fabrics all by themselves
    • A cat with this fill can be sewn with or without the cat features – eye, tail, ear, whiskers

How it works – In a Nutshell

      1. First sew the left facing cat with the fill you want to be on the backside of the project.
      2. Cut it out as directed
      3. Sew the right facing cat with the fill you want to be on the front side of the project. 
      4. Do not remove her from the hoop yet.
      5. While she is in the hoop, place the left facing cat face down on top of her.
      6. Align the two using the markers provided as directed
      7. Pin in place as directed
      8. Sew them together in the hoop
      9. Remove all from the hoop
      10. Trim as directed
      11. Turn right side out
      12. Press
      13. Sew the bottom
      14. Optional: Add hanger


  • Stabilizer – I used one layer of the Muslin or weavers cloth because this can be a hot pad trivet.
  • The main fabric – I used yellow cotton
  • Madeira Polyneon threads – colors of choice; No particular thread colors this time.
  • Wonderfil bobbins, which come in Class 15 and Size L (Not sure of what color bobbin to use? Remember that white and grey will meet most of your needs.)
  • Size 12 top stitch needle
  • Optional: Narrow ribbon for hanger (⅛ or 1/16”)
  • Optional: sharp upholstery needle for inserting the ribbon hanger 
  • Optional: small portable steam iron
  • Optional: ½” wool pressing mat

I’ve gotta have my Kitty Trivet 6×9-Inch!

I’ve gotta have my Kitty Trivet 7×10-Inch!

I’ve gotta have my Kitty Trivet 8×11-Inch!

I’ve gotta have ALL my Kitty Trivets!


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