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Lacy Bell – 3 Versions

I wanted these designs to fit the 4 inch hoop but the details were too small IMO. So I separated the top hanger and bow as a separate design that can be added to the 4 inch bell itself. I also included the full bell ornament which is 6 inches. 

There are 3 versions of the bell

  1. All satin stitches as seen in the green image below
  2. All outline stitches as seen in the navy blue sew out
  3. Satin stitches plus outline stitches as seen in the cream and gold bell on red fabric below

This is not free standing lace.

Notions Used

For best results use the notions we used

  • Madeira Polyneon #40 embroidery threads in the top for all projects
  • Wonderfil #80 prewound bobbin for all the projects *
  • Size 12 topstitch needle for all projects
  • Pellon ShirTailor fusible stabilizer
  • Medium weight soft tear away stabilizer


*A Few Notes about Wonderfil Bobbin Threads

  • Wonderfil bobbin threads are fine weight.
  • For this reason using them makes designs much less dense.
  • With a lower top tension the bobbin thread nearly disappears on the backside.
  • I used a cream color bobbin on my lace designs. You have to look close to see it.
  • I love this feature because it makes the lace reversible without having to switch out the bobbin color to match what is sewing on the top.

    YES! I WANT MY Lacy Bell!


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