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Lacy Heart Ornament

Like my other Lacy Heart designs, there are hidden hearts within the design. I picked out this one to emphasize.  I made it a separate color stop so you can sew it any color you want or keep it the same color as the rest of the ornament.

There are two versions of the ornament

  • One color ornament with heart, bow, and outline separate colors
  • One is a 3 color ornament with heart, bow, and outline separate colors.

The purpose of the 3 color ornament is to give you the opportunity to sew one in multiple colors or multiple shades.  For instance I envision one sewn in shades of pink – for a little baby girl Christmas ornament

I used Yen Met metallic thread for the outline on the white ornament with the red bow.

My friend Dee sewed the multi color version in blues


This ornament  is not freestanding lace



2 thoughts on “Lacy Heart Ornament

  1. Fabulous design! How do I download it??

    1. Thank you Barbara.
      It will down from your account after purchase.
      Happy Sewing.

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