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Laura’s Labels

Labels are something we need occasionally. Usually you need to make one after a project is finished. You’re tired and ready to be done but you have to make a label. At least that’s how it happens to me.

In an effort to make it easier and faster to generate a label I digitized these. 

There are 4 labels. They are small – 2×2.5, 2×4, 3×1.5,and 2×3 inches.

There is also a fifth file that has all 4 labels together. That file is a 5×6 inch design. I did this  so you can sew them all at one time. It is nice to have some made ahead. 

If you want to add your own message, skip the message in the file. Using your software replace it with a message of your choice. These labels are small, so small lettering or handwritten outline type fonts will work best.

The comprehensive PDF document, that accompanies this collection, gives details how to embroider and make the labels and how to add them to a project using regular cloth fabric and heavy weight/denser fabrics.

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