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Lemur – Look at the World Differently

I fell in love with this artwork the moment I saw it.  I have thoroughly enjoyed making this design. I’ve loved looking at the artwork the whole time. He is so adorable!!

I’ve made him into 2 sizes – one to fit the 5×7 hoop and another to fit the 8×11 hoop. You probably think ‘big deal’, enlarging a design is a quick computer keyboard tap. Well no it’s not. It takes time to make a design larger or smaller, one that sews like it should.

Think about it. Satin stitches cannot be but so long before they turn into jump stitches. The longer they are they require density and underlay changes. French knots and other small details cannot be but so small before they become actual knots. Since I want to keep the notions and instructions the same for both sizes, other changes need to be made as well.

Dee and I sew every size of each design. I want my designs to sew well with great results no matter what size you choose to make. 


  • Background Fabric – I’m using white 100% cotton stripe from Hobby Lobby
  • ShirTailor ® fusible stabilizer
  • 2 layers medium weight tear Away Stabilizer
  • Wonderfil #80 prewound bobbins or #100 weight cone bobbin thread
  • Madeira #40 weight  polyneon and rayon threads
  • Schmetz #12 topstitch needle

Thread Changes

Thread colors are included in the zip file in jpg format. It’s easier to follow if you have a color you can see with which to match your threads. Be sure to follow them in the correct order.

I’ve inserted them into the pdf document in the event you are looking at the pdf on your computer screen. If you print the document I have no idea how the colors will come out. Printers are so fickle. See the images  on the product pages for what the jpgs look like

This is one example

I want Lemur 5×7 – Click

I want Lemur 8×11- Click

I want Lemur Collection – Click

2 thoughts on “Lemur – Look at the World Differently

  1. i love your Lemur and the words used with it. How do I obtain the pattern?

    1. Add to cart. Check out. The design will be listed in your purchases.
      Look in your purchases and download the design.

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