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Life is a Box of Colors

This is an 8 inch design that can be used for a clock or anything else you desire.  Also included is the design divided into four 4 inch squares that are easily assembled into the 8 inch design and then the lettering is added to the center.

Information about the clock is included in the document that accompanies this design.

The purchase link can be found at the bottom of this page

I think this design is awesome. I planned to put it in a quilt. But then on a walk around the lake it dawned on me to put it in a clock. I didn’t want to add numbers to the design. Then I found the perfect clock for it and went to work. The design comes in 8 inch and is divided into 5 easy to assemble pieces for smaller hoops.

The clock photo has a lot of shadows making the embroidery look wrinkled. I assure you it is not. It lays flat as shown here before the numbers section of the clock is placed over the top of it.

Eight Inch Designs

There are two 8 inch designs. One with the center lettering spaced appropriately for a clock face and one that is spaced evenly for anything but a clock.

Smaller Hoops



For smaller hoops the design has been divided into four 4 inch squares. These are easily assembled into the 8 inch design.





Using the seams as a guide to hoop it, the lettering is then added to the center.

Special  Clock Face Template


For the clock there is a special template.

The template that accompanies this collection is in PDF format. It can be printed by your printer and the pages taped together.

It is a template for  the whole clock face. It will make it easier for you to cut out the design and the center hole to fit this clocks face.


The PDF Instructional Document Includes

  • Notions needed
  • Where to find the clock
  • Thread colors – a new method I hope will better fit your thread stash
  • Fabric preparation
  • Design details for all designs
  • Thread color changes
  • Assembly of the 4 inch sections
  • Taking the clock apart
  • Assembly of the embroidered clock face
  • The template
  • Adding the embroidery to the clock face
  • Reassembling the clock

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