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Little Susie Wing Needle Sunbonnet Sue 5×7

Wing Needle Sunbonnet Sue, Susie, machine embroidery

“Wake up little Susie, wake up”

~~~ A link to purchase ‘LIttle’ Susie 5×7 is at the bottom of this page ~~~

I’ve been hanging onto this idea for a long time. I don’t know  why it has taken me so long to make one. Maybe hearing people say they are sick of them. There are a lot of them available. But I still like them and wanted to make this one not so much for quilting but dressing her up a bit with specialty stitches. From the response to Susie I made Little Susie for folks who want Susie but cannot sew a design that large.

I make many of my own stitches. In this case the wing needle stitches, the eyelets, and the woven fill on her hat.

This 5×7 design I changed the colors a bit so I can tell one from the other. Smiles

Sunbonnet Sue, Little Susie Sunbonnet Sue, Sue, wing needle machine embroidery.
Little Susie, Sunbonnet Sue 5×7

Little Susie, Sunbonnet Sue 5×7 I did not sew Little Susie with a wing needle because I get so many asking me how it would look if sewn with a regular needle. I used a size 12 topstitch needle to sew this design. Go to the larger Susie – Wing Needle Sunbonnet Sue to see how it looks sewn with a wing needle.

On the product page be sure to zoom in to see the details.


  • Medium weight 100% cotton or cotton/linen blend fabric or embroidery blank – I used a table runner embroidery blank of medium weight cotton with a wide hemstitched edge. Wing Needle stitches sew best on natural fabrics where the wing part of the needle can separate the fibers of the fabric. I do not recommend polyester, acrylic, or man made fabrics.
  • Medium weight soft tear away stabilizer – I used 2 layers
  • Wing Needle – I used size 100 Schmetz. ( Note I sewed this design without a wing  needle because so many people ask me how it would look if they were sewn without a wing needle.
  • OR a large jeans needle will give the same effect just not as dramatic but still very pretty.

To find out if you can use a wing needle please visit my tutorial.

  • Top Stitch Needle – I used size 12 Schmetz
  • Machine Embroidery threads #40 weight – colors desired. I used:
    • white to match the fabric
    • pale blue, light blue
    • pale pink, light pink
    • flesh, flesh 2 shades darker for outlines & details
    • cream for the white areas
    • Light tan for details over cream areas
    • 2 shades darker than cream for shade under her brim
    • light red brown for shoes
    • light pink for flowers
    • soft yellow for flower center


  • Little Susie – Wing Needle Sunbonnet Sue
  • 111 x 170 mm (5×7)
  • Formats EXP, HUS, JEF, PES, VIP, VP3
  • Includes PDF instructions

Zoom in on the pictures for her details and the stitches I made for her

 I want ‘Baby’ Susie Wing Needle Sunbonnet Sue 4×4!

 I want ‘Little’ Susie Wing Needle Sunbonnet Sue 5X7!

I want the large Susie Wing Needle Sunbonnet Sue 6×10!

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