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‘I love watching a design come to life!’

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Some of the embroidery sews before the applique is applied. The rest sews after the applique is applied.  Therefore, some of the colors (flowers, leaves, stems) sew twice but in a different location.

Here are some close ups for you!

Close up center of design


Close up upper left


Close up upper right


Close up lower right


Close up lower left


This is a 6 inch design. I don’t have a 6 inch hoop. I had to sew it in an 8 inch hoop. For that reason I added a basting outline around the design to aid in stabilizing everything in the larger hoop. I added it to this product as an extra design should you choose to use it too. It’s 160×160 mm. Sew it first. 

If you prefer an outline closer to the design there is also a 150×150 (6 inch) outline file included. They are both made up of long 3mm stitches so they will be easier to remove after the design is finished sewing. If you choose to sew an outline for increased stability, sew the basting tack down file first, followed by the design. I used the same color thread as the background fabric.

I don’t know about your machine, but mine likes to pull out basting stitches as they sew. Aggravating thing, but you can prevent this by turning the flywheel by hand for the first or second stitch. This will draw up the bobbin thread to the top. My bobbin tail is short, so I use tweezers to grab hold of it. Pull it out long enough you can hold onto it easily. I hold it and the top thread while sewing the whole outline. This prevents it from pulling out and keeps the thread interlocked into the fabric as it sews. Cut thread tails.

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