Birds of a Feather Series

Who doesn’t love flying geese – real or otherwise. I made these designs in response to a friends request.  It has evolved into this – so far! Each section of the quilt is posted as it becomes available.

Birds Of Feather & Mariner's Compass Sampler Quilt

Birds Of Feather & Mariner’s Compass Sampler Quilt

This quilt top is about 30 x 30 inches – so far!

The appliqués can be stitched 3 different ways.

  • Free standing appliqués (which is the method I used)
  • Sewn directly onto the project
  • Sewn directly on the project without the additional background fabric like I’m sewing the borders (not posted yet).

The borders and the rest of the Quiltering designs remain to be posted. I have borders digitized and test sewing done, but cannot seem to get them all sewn yet.

Birds of a Feather

Love Flying Geese

Geese - Twist and Turns

Geese - Behind and Around

Geese Circles Quiltering

Mariner’s Compass