Hardanger Machine Embroidery aka “Hardangish”

Hardangish is my term I coined for my Hardanger Machine Embroidery because, let’s face it, no machine can truly duplicate handmade Hardanger embroidery. But I try. As a consequence, I’ll sometimes use the terms interchangeably when talking about my machine embroidery interpretation of this fabric art style.

These designs require fabric and water soluble stabilizer.

Some of my Hardanger designs are free-standing designs (not free standing lace). Rather, they’re of ornaments, bookmarks, etc. which can also can be applied to items impossible to hoop. In some instances, they can even be sewn together into larger projects…that really make a statement.

Hardanger On-Point Collection
Bookmarks make nice gifts and fit into a card – Hardanger On-Point Collection

Hardanger and jeans are an unlikely combination. But I like embroidery on jeans. Regrettably,  they’re too much trouble to hoop. However, free-standing designs make embellishing those favored jeans sooo easy. Slide the pants leg over the cuff feature of your sewing machine and stitch down the pre-fabricated design.

After the designs attached, you may turn the item inside out and cut away the fabric from behind the designs for a peek-a-boo method. The open, lacy parts show up so nicely this way.

Hardanger On-Point Collection
Hardanger On-Point Collection

In some cases, designs can be sewn in blocks, and stitched together to make larger, bolder projects, such as table covers, bedspreads and jackets. Oh, my.

Hardanger Squared Collection
Hardanger Squared Collection

Hardanger Rainbows was my first attempt at adding color sequences to a traditionally monochromatic fabric art form, thereby giving it more contemporary look.

Hardanger Rainbows

Don’t miss out on showing off some Hardanger to your family and friends.

Hardanger Machine Embroidery


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