Special Occasions & Heralding

A few years back, a friend and colleague asked if I’d help her with a very special quilt project. Her husband had passed away suddenly and now she was expected her first grandchild. She was inspired to make a baby quilt using her husband’s shirts, but she needed a little logistical support in order to get started. I was happy help.

Later, it got me thinking about just how old this concept is of fabric crafting as a means of remembrance. It’s as integral to the art as the of the fabric. Another, broader term for remembrance is heralding, which has a broader meaning for which fabric arts are only a small part but highly integral part. In other terms, heralding simply means, take heed and remember.

I decided to create some such designs into machine embroidery. My first project was for a family wedding when Aunt Millie married her high school sweetheart. This one I titled, Two Hearts, One Love, and incorporated the couple’s names and the wedding date.

Aunt Millies’ Two Hearts One Love

With the exception of the Loving Tree all of these collections are custom designs and are dependent on it. The Loving Tree can stand alone without being customized.

This one made for a colleague who was expecting twins.

Laramie’s Baby Project

Special Occasions & Heralding



Loving Tree

Two Hearts, One Love

Custom Lettering