Hoop N Quilt

The Hoop ‘N’ Quilt technique does NOT require fusible, batting, or cutting fabric in the hoop. There is no piecing in the hoop. It makes an “impossible” quilt possible. The finished quilts are not stiff or bulky in any way. Rather, they lay flat, feel soft, draping like a quilt made with more traditional techniques.  What’s more, they are wonderful to use as a bed covers, lap cover, or sofa comforter, as they drape about you like any quilt in which you would bundle up for warmth.

My Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilting in the Hoop
My Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilting in the Hoop

Although batting can be added in the hoop- that’s what I did with my Hoop ‘N’ Quilt 60 quilts

Of course, a sleeve can be added to the backside should you wish to hang your quilt on the wall for viewing. And still they can be made into smaller projects as well.

New York Beauty & Lone Star Integrated Quilt Top
New York Beauty & Lone Star Integrated Quilt Top

If you are not a quilter these designs can be assembled and appliqued onto finished products like tablecloths, placemats, and also onto garments like jackets, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and vests.

Hoop N Quilt

Grandmother’s Flower Garden Hoop N Quilt

Hoop N Quilt 60

Lone Star Hoop N Quilt

New York Beauty Hoop N Quilt