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Made with love – Erica Hobb’s Walker Bag Story…

Made with love by someone like you…

Erica Hobbs made this stunning walker bag. She matched the fabric design so perfectly you have to look close to see the line where the top edge of the pocket is located


This is a story shared with me some time back and, with permission, I’ve chosen to share with you. If you have a similar story that you’d like to share, I’d love to hear it. If you’re a shutterbug, then I’d love to see it because I find inspiration in hearing from you. Hopefully, others will too.


2 thoughts on “Made with love – Erica Hobb’s Walker Bag Story…

  1. I like this one too for the men in the center. Thank you so much!

    1. Yes there are some great ones for men made by some very creative folks.

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