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Made with love – Lisa Spivey’s Walker Bag Story…

Made with love by people like you…

“ Hi, Laura, I just wanted to thank you for posting instructions on your website for a Walker Bag. I made this one for an elderly friend who is recuperating from a broken leg and will definitely keep these instructions handy to make more for others in the future. I also included your link in a post on my blog, Piecework TreasuresI wrote today about this project. Thanks again so much for sharing.”


Lisa Spivey

Piecework Treasures/Lisa’s Carolina Handmade

Lisa is an excellent seamstress. You may enjoy seeing her and all the beautiful things she has made. I enjoy her blog and receive regular updates in my mail box from her.


This is a story shared with me some time back and, with permission, I’ve chosen to share with you. If you have a similar story that you’d like to share, I’d love to hear it. If you’re a shutterbug, then I’d love to see it because I find inspiration in hearing from you. Hopefully, others will too.


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