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Made with love – Maeva Bennett’s Walker Bag Story…

Made with love by someone like you…

“Thank you for the pattern for the walker bag – I made it this morning with a few modifications – I put a double pocket inside the bag for valuables and small items and a closure strap to hold the bag closed when walking or if it tips over.

My Aunt 84, for whom I made the bag, is quite frail but loves to carry her handbag in the wire basket on her walker, which is how it was subsequently stolen in a snatch and grab, which has given her a huge shock and set back her health and confidence no end.

Hopefully, this new cheery bag will brighten up her day and give a renewed sense of security.”

Maeva Bennett


This is a story shared with me some time back and, with permission, I’ve chosen to share with you. If you have a similar story that you’d like to share, I’d love to hear it. If you’re a shutterbug, then I’d love to see it because I find inspiration in hearing from you. Hopefully, others will too.


2 thoughts on “Made with love – Maeva Bennett’s Walker Bag Story…

  1. Thank You for sharing. Looks great. I will be making some for the Senior Care Center here.

    1. That would be great!

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